The XV Days of Christmas

We’re off to scoff lots of food and drink nice wine – we’ll be back in 2013 with more rugger nerdery. Thanks to all our readers, those who follow and talk to us on twitter and everyone who writes in the comment box and keeps the ever-evolving debate flowing. We hope you enjoyed our efforts this year, and we’ll leave you with our favourite Whiff of Cordite patented Christmas carol:

On the fifteenth day of Christmas, Gatty gave to me:

15 Louth minors

14 flying Dutchmen

13 four-time tourists

12 boshing Samoans

11 giant Welshmen

10 cranky generals

9 loose cannons

8 Dre Beats headphones

7 unsung Ospreys

6 fragile flankers

5 Supermen

4 kilted blondies

3 kinky Afro’s

2 Nordie farmers

and a DJ of the Church variety.

Happy Christmas, and a peaceful New Year!  See you in 2013.