Panic on the streets of Dublin

The normally placid Irish press are at each others throats today. Hot on the heels of Colonel Toland’s idea not to bring Rog to New Zealand to sit on the bench, but invest in youth instead (which was our idea anyway), Farmer Farrelly is on the offensive, rubbishing the entire idea.

Toland (thoughtful, considered):

Having O’Gara on hand to aid the transition is crucial. But at what distance should that be? In the touring environment the experience and class of the veteran will rub off on those non-Munster players who know him less well but there is real merit in omitting him from the squad. However, should an injury occur to Sexton, and considering the opposition that awaits, it should be qualified that O’Gara would be quickly brought in to start.

Farrelly (foaming at the mouth):

The view that Ronan O’Gara should be left at home is preposterous — it’s impossible to envisage Ireland beating the All Blacks for the first time this summer without the 35-year-old in the squad

The logic is obvious – O’Gara is 35, and bringing him 10,000km to sit on the bench may not make sense. However, on the flip side, it is PREPOSTEROUS. Also, it is impossible to envisage Ireland beating New Zealand full stop, so Farrelly is technically right to say it is impossible without his friend.

In the interests of fairness, we should note Farrelly omitted Rog from his Ireland team, and only has 2 Munster players, Donnacha Ryan and Conor Murray.

For what its worth, we would bring Sexton, Madigan and Jackson with O’Gara waiting on the runway at Cork airport with his iPad packed.



  1. Seems a reasonable solution to the Radge Question all right lads.

  2. ABROG

     /  May 12, 2012

    Can’t tackle and wouldn’t tackle for one of the ospreys tries. Can’t ruck. Munster were a.better side when he was on the bench.

  3. Anonymous

     /  May 12, 2012

    Farrelly does not seem to watch too much S15 rugby. No mention of the likelihood that Robbie Fruean will finally get an All Black cap and has been arguably the form player in the S15 so far this year. Not a bad first cap player to put on the pitch. Also that maybe Carter is not kicking for the Crusaders because Tom Taylor at 10 has been outstanding. Aaren Cruden has also been excellent for the Chiefs so not too much trouble at outhalf for them. The All Blacks will be a much better team without Piri Weepu in the squad. I saw him in person at the Rebels-Blues game a few weeks back and TV pictures do not do justice to how fat he is. I will pick Perenara over Weepu 10 times out of 10.

    The guys he mentions may be unfamiliar names to him and the average fan at home but they are quality players. Very lazy article.

  4. Ye’re missing the bigger picture here guys. If ROG doesn’t travel, who is the camera going to pan to when Sexton misses a kick? Madigan? I’m sorry but that just won’t cut it at this level!

    It’s a bizarre statement for Farrelly to make especially considering he says nothing to explain it or back it up. He then names Sexton at outhalf!?

    Steve Hansen has picked a relatively conservative 35 man squad. He’s ignored some of the more eye-catching performers from SuperRugby and seems to be going for continuity from the World Cup, which is understandable considering they only have a week together before the first Test.

  5. P White

     /  May 14, 2012

    Conservative does not do it justice. Mind boggling I would have said. The omission of Fruean and retention of Weepu alone make me wonder at the thought process.

    • With Smith, Nonu, SBW and the supposed consideration of Carter at 12 if he can’t kick you can almost (almost!) explain the exclusion of Fruean. Weepu still there is totally mind boggling though.

  6. Frederico

     /  May 14, 2012

    There is no greater writer of fantasy on this earth than Hugh Farrelly…I hope Peter Jackson was using him as a script writer on the hobbit. He does have a habit of bigging up his good friends James Coughlan and Rog anytime he gets a chance. Shame he doesn’t try some actual reporting and journalism a bit more often instead of his weekly opinion and pr placement

  7. P White

     /  May 14, 2012

    Just pointed out to me that Andre Taylor is missing too. He is damn unlucky. Considering it is an extended squad of 35, there are some big decisions.

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