Shut it Gatty!

Warren Gatland’s whingeing is in danger of squandering the goodwill the Welsh team have won this world cup for their fearless, positive and exciting rugger.  Emotional post-match interviews are one thing, but Gatland’s press conference yesterday was another altogether.  Enough already!
Firstly, he accepted that Rolland was entitled to give a red card, but said he shouldn’t have because of the occasion.  Ah, of course, so the rules are to applied only at a time of Gatty’s choosing – fair enough.  Then things got bizarre.  Gatty admitted that he’d thought about cheating, by getting one of his props to feign injury to go to uncontested scrums, while getting his back row back to its full compliment.  But being the high-minded sportsman he is, he coudn’t do it because it wasn’t morally right.  And because of his great moral courage by choosing not to denigrate the final with what would have been the most cynical of cheating, Warburton shouldn’t have been sent off.  Struggling to follow the logic?  You’re not the only one. 
Whiff of Cordite was reminded of the classic Chris Rock sketch about people who want praise for ‘doing shit they just supposed to do’: ‘I ain’t never been to jail!’  ‘What you want, a cookie?’


The pity of it is that Sam Warburton and the Welsh players were so magnanimous in defeat.  They have been let down by management’s carping.  It’s worth comparing Gatty’s whingeing this week with his words after Wales’ win over Ireland in this year’s 6 Nations, in which the decisive try was scored from a decision which was indisputably incorrect:
“It wasn’t the same ball so that’s a little bit of luck that’s gone our way.  Sometimes you deserve a bit of luck and we haven’t had some luck at times. We’ll take one of those decisions that go our way.”
As greater minds than ours have said: Build a bridge, get over it.


  1. Also reminded me of when you are in trouble with the wife you compare yourself to the lowest common denominator…."its not like i'm down the pub every night of the week" or words to that effect. It seldom wins the argument for me anyway. A mistake by Gatland, but I do have sympathy for his disappointment at losing such a big game like that – no way should he be suspended for thinking something! Time will heal and they have much to be proud of, just lay off the ref and the French, who did nothing wrong. Apart from how they played of course. One thing I would say, it is a strong argument for 8 on the bench as per Rabbo.

  2. The question I would have put to Gatland if I was in the press conference would have been, "Ok when is it ok to give a red card? World Cup 1/4 final?Group stages?Heineken Cup?" Maybe that would have made him realise what nonsense he was talking!

  3. @paddy o – agree in particular on the 23 man squads. think international games have to bring these in. it's worked in the club/provincial game.@JSRF – exactly.

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