Jonah Lomu, discuss.

Only one of the most memorable figures in rugby history. His trampling of the puny Underwoods and Mike Catt in 1995 will live long in the memory, as will Will Carling’s bitter description of a “freak”.

Lomu’s pace and power were frightening, but beneath the physical side lay a cunning rugby brain and highly polished skills. Lomu would not have made the impact he did was he only able to run in straight lines into defenders – even Rog can make himself enough of a speed bump to slow down large Pacific Islanders. No agricultural bosher could have earned 63 NZ caps in the 8 years from 1994, only a talented genius.

However, in an amazingly funny article brought to our attention by blog buddy Matt, ESPN have besmirched the memory of one of the greats by comparing him not only to Oooooooooooooohh Matt Banahan, but to Lesley Vainikolo!

Read through your fingers, its appalling:

Whiff of Cordite’s core rugby philosophy is insulted by this nonsense – genuinely talented footballers like George North, Caucau and Alesana Tuilagi belong nowhere near this hall of shame..

Elements of English rugby have continually learned the wrong lesson from their experience of Lomu, and the preponderence of useless and brainless boshers in the Sky Sports love-club (Banahan, Vainikolo, Shontayne Hape, Andy Powell, Jordan Turner-Hall, Sam Tuitupou, the list goes on) bears testament to this. This obsession with power and size has obscured opportunities for proper players like Matthew Tait and Olly Barkley. Ban(ahan) this sick filth!



  1. Egg chaser you are a braver man than I-you do realise Matt Banahan will in all likliehood be in the land of the long white cloud at the same time as you in but a matter of months? You have my respect!I'd agree with you for the most part and would throw Jamie Roberts into a similar categorie of over-hyped sky hyperbole. Genuinely haven't decided about Banahan one way or the other but he must be as good as Tindall or Hape surely? England's wings would have to be Strettle and Ashton for me. Really, really do not get what Cueto brings to an attack.

  2. Haha – luckily its Palla going to NZ, I'll minding the shop back here! Having said that, I would fancy Big Matt to knock him on instead of connecting.Roberts has never looked half the player he was in SA without Him outside him – I reckon even Seilala Mapasua would look like a world-beater inside Bod.I must agree on Strettle. Cueto's presence around the England team genuinedly astounds me – how many times can a man fail to make the step up yet stay in situ? It's rugby's example of the Peter Principle at play. Wasn't it his first try in something like 19 games when he crossed the whitewash in the 6N? Also note, England would have won the last RWC had Lewsey been playing instead of Cueto – he never would have let himself be bundled into touch..

  3. Bad punditry, eh?I'll see your ESPN and raise you this: the blog, lads, keep it coming!

  4. Brilliant. Thats up there with Stephen Jones saying Richie was too scared to play in the Premiership

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