Magners League – School’s Out for Summer

Munster: A Performs consistently in his local school, where there are no bigger French and English boys to bully him. Always gets homework done and usually to a good standard, though discipline could be better. Ended up deservedly top of the class.
Leinster: A- In recent years this pupil has excelled at the sciences, but struggled in the more creative subjects. That has been remedied this year, with top marks being achieved across a range of subjects. The exchange trip abroad came at an unfortunate time, and could have won top prize but for concentrating on it.
Ulster: B+ Much improved student who has finally learned to complete assignments. Has done very well out of South African exchange programme, as well as showing plenty of youthful promise back home. Still struggles on the really tricky exams though.
Ospreys: F A most frustrating student. Gets the best of everything at home, but really must try harder next year. Results simply not good enough considering his talent. Losing several of his best study aids next year, and will have to go back to the drawing board.
Scarlets: B+ Hard work has paid off for this pupil. A few years ago, problems at home meant expensive study aids needed to be ditched. The virtues of a more home-spun revision technique have been found, and this pupil is the pride of the Art department.
Cardiff: D Did well in the lesser known cultural exchange last year and was expected to use this to boost grades. This hasn’t materialised, and the application of this student consistently disappoints. Must decide if he is serious about taking exams – can seem disinterested.
Dragons: C+ A dull and unfashionable boy, but works hard. Unlucky not to get picked for European trip next year, as he finished higher than many of the boys going.
Connacht: B- Perenially bottom of the table, this student has been mooted for transfer more than once. Knuckled down well this year, refusing to be distracted by extra-curricular activities, and achieved accordingly. The suspicion remains that a more solid foundation at home is needed to go further.
Treviso: B+ This pupil was transferred from a much less prestigious school and was expected to struggle. However, we have been pleasantly surprised at his performance, especially the work on the basics. A naturally friendly character, this student has fitted in very well, and given a new colour to the school – which could get rather dull in the winter.
Edinburgh: C- Weak-willed boy who really ought to find a new, smaller school. Attendance record abysmal, and results not much better. Oddly, Dutch is his favourite subject.
Glasgow: D It can be a struggle to engage this student. Seemed to have finally settled in last year, but reverted to bad old habits this year, although his parents banning him from using his textbooks for the exams was not conducive to good grades.
Aironi: C- New boy who took a long time to settle in, and was generally a laughing stock early on. Improved in second term, at least fighting back a little, and well-positioned to do better next year.
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