Super Rugby – WoC Fantasy Contest

Our homework this spring is to know more about Super Rugby. It might be skillful and entertaining without much boshing, aimless kicking or inept gameplans, but that doesn’t mean that we in the Northern Hemisphere should snear at it.

So we are setting up a Fantasy League on Fox Sports excellent flamin’ website, so log in, set up a team and join our league (code 1890-6547).

In the interests of full disclosure, Egg Chasers team is below, and its heavily long South Africans for a reason I’m not really clear on:



  1. I'm in lads – team name 'Jackeens'

  2. Also have my team in: Generation Ligind. I've taken the Deccie approach and paid little attention to my bench. I'm just hoping my first XV can get me through: J du Plessis, Hore, B Franks, Horwill, Sykes (I couldn't resist), Haskell, Read, Alberts; Ellis, Sonny Bill, O'Connor, Tusi Pisi, Dagg, Jane, Ashley-Cooper… and seven low-budget reserves I've never heard of!

  3. I'm in! But jeez did it take a lot of work! Here's hopin I don't just give up after round 2 or something… team name: Super Shkyboys. The west's awake, albeit a little groggy!

  4. Team locked and loaded, wish they did this for the Heino so i'd actually know half my team…

  5. "In the highly competitive outside backs, David Raikuna has put his hand up. He had a very good game against the Highlanders so he's earned his spot on the right wing.With Sherwin Stowers getting injured in the Rebels game it has given David the chance to start and take the opportunity in a big game,'' Lam said.Source: it sounds like Raikuna will concede his place to Stowers next week. @75k and 100k they would both be cheap outside back options though

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