Franno back in the good books

Sellotanta Sports’ The Breakdown is firmly establishing itself as the best rugby analysis on TV, a welcome shelter from the Cork Constitution Media Consortium on RTE and the smug, Premiership-worshipping Rugby Club (‘Ooooohh, Matt Banahan must be given a chance at 12 for England’) on Sky .

Matty ‘The Accent’ Williams and Neil ‘Franno’ Francis make a good double team, with Matty’s wired intensity nicely counterbalanced by Franno’s laconic style, and their analysis is considered and bluster-free. Franno and Whiff of Cordite haven’t always been the best of friends – he was about three years behind us in realising Tommy Bowe wasn’t completely useless – but his knack with the English language is hard to deny. Last night, his observation that Blind Dave Pearson ‘couldn’t find a sequin in Elton John’s house’, had us wanting to simply stand up and applaud.

However, the less said about the final section where Matty got strapped up to some wires to help him kick last minute penalties like Ruan Pienaar – or something – the better.

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